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Australian Employment Contracts - Employment Law and The Fair Work Act

Everyone knows the importance of getting the paperwork right the first time.

If you are engaging a new employee or contractor, a well drafted Employment Contract will help you protect your business and can strengthen your relationship with your staff. The Contract of Employment should identify and define each of the parties’ rights, obligations and the terms of employment. By opening the lines of communication and knowing where you both stand from the beginning, issues that may have caused a dispute can be tackled up front and dealt with in a written agreement.

The Fair Work System

When the Fair Work Act came into play in Australia on 1 July 2009, it brought with it widespread reforms and changes to Australia’s employment law. The Act established a new national ‘Fair Work’ system. Under the Fair Work system, 10 new minimum conditions (the National Employment Standards) were introduced. All new employers must abide by these standards. The Fair Work system also consolidated and modernised awards, now called ‘modern awards’, covered by the national workplace relations system.

Employment Agreements

Here you can find a range of employment contract templates that have been professionally drafted in line with the Fair Work Act and the National Employment Standards. The contracts have been drafted by specialist lawyers in plain and clear English making them easy to understand and edit where appropriate to suit your needs.

The contracts contain terms relevant to the practical issues involved in running your business. They include terms relating to remuneration and benefits, duties and functions of the employee, leave entitlements, performance reviews, termination, confidential information, non-compete clauses and the protection of intellectual property such as client lists, copyright materials, inventions, designs and software.

Contractor Contracts

We understand that sometimes it may be viable for a business to contract work rather than hire an employee. This is usually the case for one-off projects to achieve a specific result or projects of a limited nature or duration.

To this end, we supply a range of Contractor and Consultancy Agreements. However, it is important to understand the fine line which can sometimes separate a contractor from actually being an employee. If you are in doubt, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the ATO’s ‘Employee or Contractor Decision Tool’ link on the left hand side of this page before making this decision.

Choose from the following professionally drafted Contractor Agreements:-

Contractors Agreement (where the work is being contracted to a Sole Trader)

Contractors Agreement (where the work is being contracted to a Company)

Consultancy Agreement

All the documents are Fair Work Australia compliant and yours to use as often as you choose!

Each one has been professionally drafted by our own legal team and has been designed for ease of use. All documents are written in, easy to understand, plain English and supplied in a simple to use MS Word format that clearly shows you where to fill in the relevant details. Once purchased, all contracts are yours to use as many times as you require. This will save you considerable time and money.


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