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Employee or Contractor Decision Tool

The decision tool is provided by the ATO to help you understand whether individual workers are employees or contractors.

Workplace Information

Download the current Fair Work Act 2009

Independent Contractors Act

Fairwork Australia

Employers and Modern Awards

All employers should ensure they are familiar with the new Fair Work system if employing staff under the National Workplace Relations system.

The most important aspects of the Fair Work system which you need to ensure compliance are:-

Fair Work Information Statement

If you are employing new employees under the National Workplace Relations system or Modern Awards, you have an obligation to give your employees a Fair Work Information Statement.  The Statement must be given before, or as soon as possible after, the employee starts work.

A copy of the Information Statement can be downloaded here in either pdf or Word format.


This information comes courtesy of Fair Work Online which is the government resource for the Fair Work Australia Policy.